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The LIFTME.shop website is a website on the Internet, which is a virtual store for the purchase of beauty and related products. 

The owner and operators s of the site is the company “LIFT ME” (No. 558428249, address sherit haplite 20 st. Hertzliya. Hereinafter: “the company” or “LIFT ME” or “Site Operators s”). 

Any use of the Site and the Content displayed on it, including browsing and browsing it, as well as any action on it including purchase through it, are subject to the terms of use set forth below. The user of the site is asked to read these terms carefully and carefully. A user does not have to agree to these terms of use but if he does not agree to them, he is required to leave the site immediately and not make any use of it. The start of use of the site indicates the user’s consent and approval to these terms of use. 

These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding legal agreement. Any person who places an order and / or purchase through the site declares that when performing the action he read these terms, and that he agrees to all the provisions and conditions of these terms, and that he or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and / or demand and / or lawsuit against the site and / Or the operators of the site, with regard to the provisions and conditions of these terms. 

The site is intended for use by customers who have reached the age of 18. A customer who chooses to purchase products through the site declares that he is qualified to perform binding legal actions. If the client is under the age of 18, he must inform the legal guardian of the provisions of the regulations and obtain prior approval from him to carry out the actions on the site, in such a way that the engagement will be through a guardian. The parents have a responsibility to inform the minors who wish to browse the site about the regulations and to monitor the activities of the minors so that the minors will act in accordance with the terms of these regulations. Any activity that will be performed by the minors on the site constitutes the consent of the minors and / or the parents to what is stated in the terms of the regulations. 

The operators of the site reserve the right to prevent access to the site and / or the possibility to make purchases on the site and / or cancel the participation of a user whose behavior is inappropriate or inappropriate According to these Terms of Use, or trying to harm the proper management of the site. 

The operators of the site may, at its discretion, terminate the activity of the site at any time and without prior notice. 

Purchasing Products 

Purchase through the site is possible via credit card payment (except for American Express) and / or a PAYPAL account. (hereinafter: ” Credit “) only (hereinafter: ” Means of Payment “). 

To place an order on the site first select the desired product and color. For each product offered on the site, a “product page” will be displayed with product details, instructions for use and the sale price. 

Please note, the site operators may update the product page from time to time, add or remove details, remove out-of-stock products, add colors. 

The operators of the site may at any time update the prices displayed on the site and the delivery rates, without prior notice. The binding price is the price given to the user when placing the order. 

Although the site operators invest efforts so that the images displayed illustrate the product as much as possible, it is clarified that the images on the site are for illustration only and there may be changes between the images, including colors Which appear in the pictures and product details and between the actual products. These changes are due, among other things, to the fact that the products are photographed and displayed on a computer screen. 

The operators of the site may make promotions on the site and / or offer discounts and any other benefit under the conditions determined by it and at its sole discretion. The operators of the site may terminate any such discount, benefit or promotion at any time immediately and without prior notice. As a general rule, double discounts will not be allowed on the details sold on the site. 

In order to make a purchase on the site, the user will be asked to enter basic information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number/paypal account. In order for the order to be carried out quickly and without any problems, care must be taken to provide the correct details, otherwise the site operators will not be able to guarantee the execution of the order. 

Attention, knowingly providing false information may amount to a criminal offense. Providers of false details may be subject to civil and criminal legal action, including tort claims for damages caused to the site operators due to disruption of site operation. In addition, the information provided by the user of the website will be used, among other things, to send e-mails regarding special promotions or updates on the website. 

When placing an order, the website operators will check the means of payment provided by the buyer, and upon receipt of the order confirmation by the credit card companies and / or PAYPAL An appropriate notice will be given to the user that the order has been approved. It is clarified that the transaction will be charged for the cost of the item purchased by him, will be made immediately upon completion of the order. 

The purchase transaction will be executed only after the completion of the order process and after the site operators receives approval from the relevant party to make the billing, in accordance with the existing work procedures between them. In the event that the transaction has not been approved by the credit card companies and / or PAYPAL – the customer will receive an appropriate notification. Completion of the purchase transaction is also conditional on the requested items being in stock at the time of completing the ordering process. 

The order will be recorded on the site operators ‘s computers and a confirmation will be sent by e-mail that the transaction will take place immediately after the completion of the purchase transaction by the user on the site. In case of non-receipt of the confirmation email, contact customer service. 

The user of the site will receive an invoice for making the payment after making it to his email account. 

It will be clarified and emphasized that sending an e-mail regarding the registration of the order in the website operators ‘s computerized system does not constitute evidence of completion of the operation and the sending of the email does not require The operators of the website It is clarified that the records of the computer system of the website operators, which include a computerized and automatic registration of all operations on the website, constitute prima facie evidence. 

The operators  of the site may not confirm / cancel the order in whole or in part in the following cases: (1) if an error occurs, in the description of the product or item including its price; And / or (2) in the case of an item that is out of stock and / or that there is a problem with its delivery; And / or (3) when the order is made in violation of the provisions of these Terms and / or in violation of the provisions of any law and / or (4) if the credit card through which the order was made was blocked or restricted for use and / or (5) if not accepted in the credit card information system And the full details of the user and / or (6) the user committed an illegal act and / or violated the provisions of the law and / or (7) the user provided during the execution of the purchase transaction and / or subsequently incorrect details and / or (8) the user committed an act Or a failure that could harm LIFT ME and / or anyone on its behalf and / or the proper operation of the site and / or any other third party and / or (9) if in the opinion of the site operators , the user intends to resell the items purchased by him through the site To C and / or (10) in any other case entitled to annulment by law or for any other reason at its discretion. 

Notice of cancellation of the order in these cases will be given to the user and any charge actually charged to the customer will be canceled. Such notice will be given to the user by e-mail and / or by telephone, at the choice of the site operators. In such a case, the user will not have any claim against the site operators and in fact placing the order, the user waives any such claim. 

The site operators strives to make sure that all the details, descriptions and product images appearing on the site are correct. However, there may be errors in the description or product images on the site. The product images that appear on the site are for illustration purposes only unless otherwise stated on the product page and do not in any way obligate the site operators. 

The mix of products displayed on the site and the platform for sale on it, is at the discretion of the site operators, who may update the products, replace them, cease their offer, remove outdated products From stock, add or remove colors and so on and all at its sole discretion. 

Product Delivery 

The shipping fee will be added to the price of the items indicated on the website. The shipping fee will be charged for delivery to one destination, even if more than one item has been ordered. 

The site operators will provide the user with the products through an independent shipping body. The regulations of the sending body through which the delivery will be made, will apply to the delivery of the product through the website, and will obligate the customer. 

Delivery of the products by the shipping company will be made within a few days from the date of ordering on the website (as written on checkout page) except remote locations. In exceptional cases where there are loads (launch weeks, etc.), delivery times may be extended. Also, in case of importance of urgent delivery, you can contact customer service by WhatsApp or email to check the possibility of speeding up the delivery. 

For the avoidance of doubt ” Business Day ” For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions are Sundays to Thursdays, not including Arab Holidays, holidays and sabbaths. 

The operators of the site is not responsible for any act and / or omission of the shipping company, and will not compensate the customer for delays of the shipping companies. 

Without derogating from the above, the customer agrees that the site operators will not be responsible for delays in the delivery of the product due to events beyond its control, such as a strike or shutdown, malfunctions in the communication systems, Telephony and / or computing, hostilities and / or force majeure, such as war, strikes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc. 

It is clarified that the delivery of the products can and will be conditional on the presentation of the user’s identity card as well as the presentation number of the order confirmation, as received from the ordering system. The sole and absolute opinion of the site operators. It is agreed that the operators of the site and / or anyone on its behalf will be entitled to demand any additional means of identification, at its discretion, as a condition for the delivery of the items to the user. 

Cancellation, Change and Refund Policy 

The following is a list of policies for canceling the order and / or returning products and their terms:  

Cancel the purchase transaction within one hour from the moment of completion. Ordering the items on the website and before sending the item – will be done by WhatsApp/email cancellation notice by and / or by sending cancellation notice to contact@liftme.shop. In such circumstances the user will be credited with the purchase amount including shipping. This is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter the Consumer Protection Law). 

In the event of cancellation of the purchase transaction for any reason after the product has been sent to the user, he may Cancel the transaction within 3 days of receiving the item by returning the product to the store address. The cancellation will involve the payment of the shipping fee of the package back to the company house at his expense. In case of product/s replacement- the site operators will not take any responsibility on how the costumer uses the products and will not take the responsibility on a possible damage that caused by using LIFT ME products, so that a product replacement will be accepted within 7 days from receiving the product by the costumer.

A financial credit will be given in accordance with the provisions of the law – to the credit card / PAYPAL account, where the order was made only and in accordance with the schedules of the credit company. 

As stated, the credit or credit for use (as the case may be) will be given on condition that the product provided is returned defect and / or damage – and with the labels on it as Received. If the product is returned not as stated in this section, the user will not be entitled to any credit (no monetary credit and no credit-voucher). 

The returnable product can be returned in accordance with these regulations and by law – as long as it is in its original packaging – within 3 days from Receiving it. The operators s of the site will have the sole and absolute discretion regarding the condition of the returned goods. Items and products that arrive after any use and / or tokens for use will not be returned and will not entitle the user to the purchase amount – all subject to the sole and absolute discretion of the site operators s. 

It should be noted and emphasized: any refund / credit requires and requires presentation of the purchase invoice. 

For any questions related to inquiries, exchanges, returns, etc. please contact LIFT ME Customer Service Department below. 

Customer Service 

For details and inquiries regarding the products and / or their delivery, you can contact:

LIFT ME costumer service on WhatsApp: +972 55 723 9726

LIFT ME costumer service on email: contact@liftme.shop

LIFT ME costumer service on Instagram: www.instagram.com/liftme_official 

Intellectual Property 

All intellectual property rights in all content on the Site, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, methods and trade secrets, are the property of LIFT ME only. These rights apply, among other things, to the graphic design of the site, the databases on it (including product lists, product descriptions, etc.), the computer code of the site and any other details related to its operation. 

No commercial use may be made of the data published on the site, the database on the site, the lists and images of the products appearing on it or other details published by and / or on behalf of LIFT ME Without the prior written consent of LIFT ME. 

Do not use any data published on the Site for the purpose of displaying it on a website or any other service contrary to the provisions of these Terms and / or without obtaining the prior written consent of LIFT ME To the terms of the same consent (if and to the extent given). This includes the prohibition of collecting data from the site using software and / or disseminating such data to the public commercially or in a commercial framework. 

No information may be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed and translated from the Site (including trademarks, images, texts and computer code without permission LIFT ME express prior written notice). 

Site domain, site, brand name (LIFT ME), LIFT ME trademarks (whether registered or not), etc. – are all Property of the site operators s only. They may not be used without their prior written consent. All information and / or display appearing on the site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos and the editing and display of these, are the exclusive property of the site operators s and / or anyone on its behalf. The content appearing on the site may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, published or used in any other way unless the site operators  has given her consent, in writing and in advance and no entry to the site to grant a license and / or any right. All products displayed on the site are part of the brand owner And / or by a third party who has approved the use of them for her or anyone on her behalf. 

Providing information, marketing communications and publications, mailing and removal mechanism from the mailing list 

In order to make a purchase on the site, the user must perform a registration process in which personal details required, among other things, are required to send the products to him and the financial charge for them. 

The user undertakes to indemnify the operators of the site for any damage caused to it due to providing false information and disrupting the operation of the site. If incorrect information is provided, the site operators will be forced to make an additional delivery for the order, the user will be charged an additional fee for shipping and handling fees. 

At registration, or at the stage of placing the order, the user is presented with the option of registering for an official LIFT ME newsletter through the site, which includes, among other things, consent to receive advertising materials, benefits, promotions, offers and a variety of product updates. It will be clarified that the user of the website who chooses to join the mailing list through the website, by submitting email and / or mobile phone information to the website, gives his consent to receive mailings (whether general or personalized), in a manner constituting the consent required by section 30A (b). To the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 1982. 

A user who provided his details will be entitled to demand at any time the deletion of his details from the brand’s direct mailing list on the relevant channel subject to what is stated in the privacy policy section below. 

For the avoidance of doubt, it will be clarified that informative messages sent by the site operators  and / or anyone on its behalf, including the courier company, involve the sale and / or delivery The products ordered by the user, including by email and / or SMS, and are in connection with the chain of actions in the ordering process until the actual delivery of the product to the user, including receipt of the order, inspection, approval, verification, reminder, etc., do not constitute an “advertising message” “And / or any advertisement in any way and the user hereby authorizes the sending and receiving of such messages. 

Limitation of Liability 

The operators s of the site will not be liable for any damage, direct and / or indirect consequential or incidental due to access to the site and its use or due to any prevention of access to or use of the site, For any cause (including contractual and / or tort cause). The operators s of the site does not bear any responsibility or obligations for any disruption, error or omission in the content of the site. The use of the website is at the sole responsibility of the user and it is clarified that the website operators is not responsible for any information and message that is uploaded by an external user as much as they are uploaded. 

The operators s of the site is not responsible for any damage, including due to “viruses” and / or malfunctions and / or various software applications, the user’s computer equipment or any Other property of the user, which will be caused due to access, browsing or use of the site, including due to downloading information from the site. 

Law & Judgment 

The law applicable to these regulations and / or to any action and / or dispute arising therefrom, is Israeli law only. 

In any case of dispute, the exclusive authority to discuss any dispute arising, directly or indirectly, from the provisions of this policy and / or from the use and / or purchases on the site – It shall be for the competent courts in the Tel Aviv-Yafo District and not for any other court or tribunal. 

Using LIFT ME products

Sites operators s don’t recommend on a daily use of the products. The way of using the products is conditional on the user discretion and therefore, LIFT ME will not take any responsibilities on possible damages that can be caused by using LIFT ME products (hair damages, head and scalp damages, skin and face damages, etc.)


The terms of use set forth in these Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Website via any electronic device that allows access to the Internet (computer, cell phone, tablet, PDA, etc. “B) and through all types of browsers and media. 

The operators s of the site reserves the right to add, change, derogate and replace at any time the rules and procedures of this policy, without any prior notice and at its discretion. The exclusive and absolute. From the date of amendment of the By-Laws will require only its new wording. The binding wording of the policy is that it will be on the site from time to time. 

The site operators s does everything in its power to ensure that the information displayed on the site is the most accurate and complete information, but sometimes inaccuracies and / or errors may occur, and the site operators does not Will bear all responsibility arising out of or related to them – TLH. 

The operators of the site are the sole authority to interpret the procedures and rules of the regulations. 

Any behavior of the site operators in favor of the site user in violation of the provisions of the regulations, is before the rule of law only and will not be used or considered a waiver on its part of what is stated in these regulations. 

In the event of computer failures that prevent temporary use of the site will operate, the site operators s will take care of them as soon as possible and the site users will have no claims or claims against it regarding events during the fault and their care. 

In any case of discrepancy and / or inconsistency between what is stated in these regulations, and what is stated in any publication and / or other information published and / or given about By LIFT ME and / or anyone acting on its behalf, in connection with the terms of use and purchase of products through the site, including on social networks, the provisions of this policy will prevail, for all intents and purposes. 

The section headings are for convenience only and will not be used as an interpretive tool. 

If it is determined by any competent court that any part of the above terms of use is invalid and / or unenforceable, then the clauses that have been revoked are valid or decided not to Enforcement will be considered replaced by valid and enforceable clauses, the content of which is as close as possible to the intent of the original clauses, and the rest of the clauses will remain in full force and effect. 

The operators s of the site may terminate the operation of the site at any time without prior notice. Orders placed up to the date of termination of activity will be honored in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. 

The server logs on which the website is running, regarding the actions performed by the customer through the site, will constitute prima facie evidence of the actions performed by him. 

Everything stated in these regulations in male language will also be read in female language and everything stated in these regulations in single language will also be read in many languages, all with the changes required for this purpose. 

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