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The perfect product for LIFT and shape your body in every look, without a bra

nobodyโ€™s gonna know…

How to use :
1. First, the skin must be clean (no body lotion or body oil) for the tape stick well to the body.
2. To the ones with sensitive skin we recommend to use nipple stickers before using the tape.
3. Cut the tape to your preferred length.
4. Stick the lower part of the tape under the breast and lift it up (the tape made with stretching fabric so there is no need to cut too long piece) and tape it to the body. (We recommend to stick the tape few seconds especially in the ends to prevent from peeling).
5. We especially recommend to start to stick the tape from the middle of the breast for maximum lifting and than to add more tape as you need
To a bigger breast ladys- try to stick the tape widely to avoid from flatten the breast.


How to remove :
1.Soak the tape with oil (any oil is good we recommend coconut oil).
There is no need to use large amount of oil, just make sure that all the tape is soaked with no dry areas.
2.Wait 10 minutes while massaging the breast until the tape is completely off, remove the tape slowly and carefully- do not pull it off! The tape is very strong so if itโ€™s take time to take it off still try to remove it with carful.

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