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LIFTAPE – Body Tape

The perfect product for LIFT and shape your body in every look, without a bra

Maximum stretch • Hypoallergenic latex • Sweat resistant • Simple painless removal!

How to use :

Use on clean skin without moisturizer / body oil or any other preparation so that the tape sticks well to the body.
For sensitive skin- use LIFTAPE only for the nipples.
Cut the LIFTAPE to your desired length.
Start under the breast – stick the bottom of the LIFTAPE and lift the breast up while continuing stick until the end of the LIFTAPE strap
How to remove :

Use body oil (it is recommended to use coconut oil) in areas where the LIFTAPE is located.
Wait a few minutes for the LIFTAPE to detach from the body.
Gently remove the LIFTAPE

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