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What Is Lift Me?

LIFTME- our brand and product, est. 2020 in Israel by Arielle and Liron.  LIFTME and double LIFTME (one or two stretching straps connected to two hair clips on both sides)- these products provide a powerful lift for the whole eyes and eyebrows area, with no pain or damage and in less than a minute! And the result? Just like a magic.   As women all around the world today make their beauty always first and try to upgrade it by surgical procedures and injections, we come up with the idea to make it easier, painless and cheaper for all those women who want the change but simpler and still have the exact same effect.

How To Use

Divide the hair into two parts (beginning at the ears) and clip the top layer into a bun. Take a sufficient amount of hair at the top, to evade from seeing the LIFT ME.

Open both clips on the ends of your LIFT ME.

On both sides, gather and tease a small section of hair, directly above the ears with a comb to create volume.
Carefully pull those pieces backwards to lift your forehead and eyes, to ensure the clips will be tightly secured.

While pulling one section back, clip the lift me right above the ear. Pull your LIFT ME along the hair line to the other side, and clip.

If needed, tighten the lift me by pulling the metal piece on the back (just like you would with a bra!) girl! Loving the fox eyes look with your LIFT ME!

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